WVU Whooped, Embarrassed in Shutout

It’s looking like we’re in for a long season.
Check it out:

It was billed as the only remaining rivalry on West Virginia’s football schedule that had any real history. It was the 50th meeting between two programs separated by just a few hours of interstate, a milestone game.

Mountaineers everywhere will rather forget it ever transpired at all, Maryland’s 37-0 demolition that took place in Baltimore Saturday.

It was the first time a West Virginia team has been shutout since falling to Virginia Tech in the 2001 season and the worst shutout loss since Penn State in 1975. Talk about a rivalry. A 37-point victory can go a long way in erasing the pains of seven-straight losses on the Terrapins’ side of this equation.

On offense and special teams, the Mountaineers committed six turnovers. Truly, that statistic could have led off this story and the reader could have been done and gone back to enjoying his or her Sunday, knowing for certain a team that gave the ball away six times had no shot at victory.