WVU Unleashes Initial 2019 Depth Chart

wvu football 2019 depth chart

The Big 12 Media Days are underway. They are going big by having it at “Jerry World.” It will go down Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16. (Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas Tech go Monday; Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas and West Virginia headline Tuesday.)

One of the exciting parts of media day is that the football program releases their initial depth chart. While this is far from a sure thing when compared to how the season will actually start, it is a reference point to how things have shaken out since spring practice.

EerSports.com released the depth charts:

WVU 2019 Football Depth Chart


WR (X)

T.J. Simmons
Ricky Johns
 or Bryce Wheaton

WR (H)

Tevin Bush


Colton McKivitz
Junior Uzebu


Mike Brown
Zach Davis or Blaine Scott


Chase Behrndt
Adam Stilley or Jacob Buccigrossi


Josh Sills
Briason Mays


Kelby Wickline
Tyler Thurmond

TE (Y)

Jovani Haskins
T.J. Banks
Mike O’Laughlin


Isaiah Esdale

WR (Z)

Sam James
Randy Fields


Jack Allison or Austin Kendall or Trey Lowe

RB (F)

Kennedy McKoy or Martell Pettaway or Leddie Brown or Alec Sinkfield


Logan Thimons
Elijah Drummond



Reese Donahue or Dante Stills


Darius Stills
Brenon Thrift


Taijh Alston
Jeffery Pooler
Quondarius Qualls


VanDarius Cowan
Zach Sandwisch
Charlie Benton


Josh Chandler
Deamonte Lindsay or Exree Loe


Dylan Tonkery
Jake Abbott or Shea Campbell


JoVanni Stewart
Kwantel Raines


Keith Washington
Nicktroy Fortune or Tae Mayo

Free safety

Dante Bonamico or Jake Long

Cat safety

Sean Mahone or Joshua Norwood or Jake Long


Hakeem Bailey
Dreshun Miller

The secondary has had the most changes with players coming and going. The presumed starters at free and cat left, so the Mountaineers were in need of an update in the back end. The newly enrolled players have helped. It would seem Fortune and Mayo gave the staff confidence to move Norwood from cornerback to cat safety. Long’s inclusion at both spots indicates there’s a spot for him somewhere … and a need add some players. This doesn’t include junior college transfer Noah Guzman, who’s eligible, and NewHampshire transfer Alonzo Addae, who was a safety and is now a corner and may yet be eligible for the season. 



Evan Staley
Casey Legg


Trey Lowe or Jack Allison


Evan Staley
Casey Legg


Evan Staley
Casey Legg


Rex Sunahara
Kyle Poland or J.P. Hadley

Kickoff Return

Sam James
Keith Washington
Tevin Bush

Punt return

Alec Sinkfield

All eyes are on the quarterback position when it comes to West Virginia football heading into the 2019 season. So of course they conveniently put OR between all of the quarterback options. And this doesn’t even include transfer Jarret Doege who has starting experience with Bowling Green and may be eligible this season.

The depth chart also highlights how much depth there is at the running back position. Going into the 2019 season, West Virginia has an arsenal of running backs who already have experience carrying the ball.

At the wide receiver position, T.J. Simmons and Tevin Bush bring back some experience. With the departure of Marcus Simms along with Gary Jennings Jr., and David Sills off to the NFL, there was a massive void to fill at the wide receiver position. Outside of Simmons and Bush there are a combined two receptions for two yards coming back at the position.

As far as the defense goes there weren’t many surprises. It was going to be interesting to see the secondary since there are so many new faces in there. Two transfers, Alonzo Addae from New Hampshire and JUCO transfer Noah Guzman are not yet a part of the depth chart. Addae’s eligibility is still up in the air for the 2019 season, but it’s hard to imagine a Mountaineer secondary without one or both of these guys seeing serious action for the 2019 season.

As far as special teams all early indicators show it’s going to be the Evan Staley show in all phases of kicking and punting. No surprises when it comes to the kick returners with Sam James, Keith Washington and Tevin Bush and then the punt returner being Alec Sinkfield. Another way to get one of the Mountaineer running backs on the field.

Football season is on the way. Stay tuned as we will have updates from the Mountaineers Media Day which goes down Tuesday. It will be televised on FS2.