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WVU Returning to its High-Scoring Roots

WVU Returning to its High-Scoring Roots

Scoring 100 is certainly a lot of fun.
Check it out:

I recall once having a conversation with a former football coach about what fans really want to see at college sporting events these days.

As a defensive coach, his position was that fans ultimately want to watch wins – no matter what the score ends up being. It can be a 7-6 football game, a 50-49 basketball game, a 1-0 baseball game or a soccer match that is decided by penalty kicks; people will always come out to support a winner.

Not necessarily, I countered.

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Naturally, fans want to see victories in the worst way (fan is short for fanatic, as you know), but fans also want to be entertained.

It’s a lot easier to make the drive back to Charleston, Beckley, Princeton, Martinsburg, Parkersburg, Wheeling, or wherever, when you have a bunch of touchdowns to talk about, I explained.

The same goes for basketball.


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