WVU Ranked Among the Schools With the Best Combination of Football and Basketball Programs

Best Combination of Football and Basketball Programs West Virginia

The NCAA published a report that ranked the schools with the best combination of football and basketball programs. The article was written by Daniel Wilco of AJC, Sports Illustrated and SEC Country.

It was very simple how he came up with the rankings. He took the leaderboard for historical win percentage in both sports. Those leaderboards can be found here and here.

West Virginia was ranked No. 12. Here is the data that put the Mountaineers at 12:

Basketball winning percentage: .619 (1756-1079)
Basketball rank: 30

Football winning percentage: .598 (750-497-45)
Football rank: 26

The West Virginia listing was accompanied by this awesome photo:

Best Combination of Football and Basketball Programs West Virginia

A very respectable ranking.

It’s easy to lose track of the combined success West Virginia has in these programs. There aren’t a lot of schools that stay relevant in both. Here is the entire list:

1. Notre Dame
2. Texas
T4. Alabama
6. Ohio St
7. Utah
8. Oklahoma
T9. Arkansas
T9. Syracuse
T9. Tennessee
12. WVU
13. Arizona
14. Michigan St
15. Washington
16. BYU

Very interesting that Western Kentucky slipped in at No. 4.

You can find the entire article at NCAA.com.

When you see articles like this popping up, you know football season is getting close. How close? Well, there’s actually a game later this month.

Let’s go Mountaineers!