WVU Football and The Pride of West Virginia Band Together – #TrustTheClimb

The Pride of West Virginia

We are halfway through August and before you know it the WVU football team and the Pride of West Virginia will be performing at Mountaineer Field.

Well, today after the final open practice of fall camp there was a preview of what’s to come when the Mountaineer Marching Band and the WVU football team united at Mountaineer Field.

Check out this video of the interactions between the band and the football team. It’s great to see the football team showing love and enjoying themselves while the band does their thing.

And once again, Neal Brown gets it. He knows what the band means to the state of West Virginia and he makes sure they know it as well and let’s them know just how much he appreciates them and the work they put in.

Plus, what a cool experience for the band. They were able to get photos and interact with the team and even join together for this epic photo at the conclusion:

Mountaineer fans are fired up about Neal Brown and the upcoming season. Check out some of the tweets from WVU fans showing love for Neal Brown after he tweeted the incredible photo:


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost football season! Two weeks from Saturday the Neal Brown era will be underway and the Mountaineers will be taking on James Madison at Mountaineer Field.

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