Will Grier Apologized To Dana Holgorsen After TD Pass To End First Half

At the end of the first half Will Grier did some Tecmo Bowl style moves to get the Mountaineers a long touchdown pass to Ka’Raun White. You could see an exchange between Grier and Holgorsen with the head coach laughing. Get this. Coach Dana Holgorsen said Will Grier apologized to him after his touchdown pass to end the first half.

Check it out.

With the Mountaineers able to hang on for a 28-23 win, Holgorsen was able to laugh about it after the game. In the final play of the second quarter Grier was able to scramble to his left while running out the clock and finding White in the end zone for a 30-yard touchdown. This score proved to be the difference in the game, but at the time Grier regretted the way the play unfolded.

When the play began there were ten seconds left on the clock. Grier’s scrambling ran the clock out, but it ended up being worth it.

After four touchdown passes today that puts Grier at 34 on the season which is good for the second most in WVU history.

The win also kept the Mountaineer Big 12 title hopes alive, though they will need some help getting there.

It was good to see Coach Dana Holgorsen have a laugh and get the W.