What did we learn from Gold/Blue Spring game?

MORGANTOWN,WV–What did we learn from the Gold/Blue Football Spring Game? Just as we thought, Head Coach Neal Brown did not make a decision on his starting quarterback. The battle will continue. Just as we predicted, Brown may not mention his starting quarterback until the Mountaineers take the field in Happy Valley on opening night. That’s actually a positive advantage because it will be hard for Penn State to plan defensively. It may keep the opposition guessing. 

Nicco Marchiol and Garrett Greene split the reps during the game. Marchiol completed six of 12 passes for 58 yards but was sacked 3 times. Greene on the other hand finished 8 of 11 for 156 yards, a touchdown and 18 yards rushing on five carries. He also had a 40 yard touchdown reception on a trick play. Brown may have to use several trick plays to keep the very good Nittany Lion defense off balance. “If you look statistically, Garrett’s stats were better,” said Brown. He also gave credit to Marchiol saying that he threw two really nice deep passes. Just looking at the spring game stats one would say Greene could be named the starter. But there is still four months to go before the opener.

Brown said defensively the team is a lot better. “We’re a lot better than when we finished last season. We got a good football team, a really good football team and I’m excited to be coaching!” Brown said. “It’s been a fun group to teach. It was an enjoyable spring.”¬† Let’s hope it will be an enjoyable¬†fall. (The Blue team beat the Gold 56-51.)

GAME NOTES: Former North Carolina State transfer (Wide receiver) Devin Carter had three catches for 77 yards, including a 54 yard catch from Greene. Freshman running back Jahiem White broke loose on a 53 yard touchdown run. He finished the game with 91 yards on 7 carries. He will be a future star.

Mountaineer Sports will have more comments and predictions on the Spring Game and other news on this year’s Mountaineer Football team. Keep following.