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West Virginia vs Tennessee NCAA Football 19 Simulation

West Virginia vs Tennessee NCAA Football 19 Simulation

When I first saw this on Google News, I said no way. After scrolling past it a few more times, I caved. Starved for college football, the West Virginia vs Tennessee NCAA Football 19 matchup was too much for me to pass up.

First off, whoever made this possible deserves praise. A massive lawsuit resulted in college football (or any other sport) video games obsolete. So this dedicated college football fan has updated NCAA Football 14 with all of the updated rosters necessary to put this simulation together.

Sure, it shows Tennessee ranked 25th, which we all know is not true, but the work done here deserves to be commended. And I must admit, I was very entertained by this. Check it out.

West Virginia vs Tennessee NCAA Football 19 simulation

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Will Grier went 36 of 48 for 397 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also had a workmanlike performance on the ground with 18 carries for 60 yards. Let’s hope Grier gets nowhere near 18 carries in the season opener. I’d be alright with the almost 400 yards passing and 4 touchdowns, though.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I am in serious need of some college football. This isn’t my proudest moment, but I was able to see a Mountaineer win (kind of).

One week from today we will be watching the real thing when the Mountaineers and Vols square off in Charlotte for the season opener. WVU goes into the game as 10.5 point favorites.

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