Wesley Harris – Alabama State or Tennnessee State Bound?

Wesley Harris Chooses His Destination, Wesley Harris WVU

On May 22 it was reported by Mountaineer Sports that Wesley Harris was headed to Alabama State. Well, now reports are surfacing that Harris is headed to Tennessee State. This was after a tweet by Harris himself stating he’s going to Tennessee State.


There are many reasons to be skeptical about this tweet. First off, the account was created immediately before the tweet. Second, his old account still exists and Harris is somewhat active on it. His last tweet was May 19th.

So at this point it is still up in the air. Is Harris headed for Alabama State or Tennessee State? Or is there another destination yet to emerge?

The former Mountaineer guard was dismissed from the team back in February along with Esa Ahmad.

Maybe someone can reach out to Wes himself and get some information on the situation.

This is the danger of using Twitter as such a key component for scoops. It seems unrealistic that Harris would have created a new Twitter account to announce his new school, but there are very established Twitter accounts that are running with it. If it turns out that Harris is headed for Tennessee State, then MountaineerSports.com is guilty of running with a bad source on Twitter. Whether that’s the case or not, lesson learned.

Stay tuned as we have our ear to the ground with the Wesley Harris situation.