WATCH: Kenyon Martin Sr. Heaps Praise On Bob Huggins

Kenyon Martin Sr. Heaps Praise On Bob Huggins

What an incredible tribute to Bob Huggins from Kenyon Martin Sr. During “Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED” on FS1, Skip Bayless asks Martin point blank, “best coach you ever played for?” Mountaineer fans will be very happy with his response. He chose none other than West Virginia native and former Cincinnati Bearcats coach Bob Huggins.

When asked to elaborate on why Huggins is the best coach he’s ever played for, Martin responded, “How he is with his guy. How he cared about his guy. How he gets his guys to buy in. Things that he says to us behind the scenes to get you to believe that you can accomplish greatness. What he got out of me, you know, how he pushed me to be who I am. I think that makes a great coach.”

Kenyon Martin Sr. LOVES Bob Huggins

The segment continues and Kenyon Martin Sr. continues to heap more and more praise on Huggins. He admitted he was afraid of Huggins in a good way. “It’s a good fear.”

Tuesday morning Bob Huggins headed to the west coast and is targeting the son of Kenyon Martin Sr. It looks like if dad has any impact on what school his son chooses, Kenyon Martin Jr. attends, then there is a great chance he will be headed to Morgantown. Let’s just hope he listens to pops and we could have a great one on our hands.

Don’t look for too many videos of Skip Bayless on this site moving forward, but this was too good to pass on. I like how Bayless allowed Martin to expand on why he is so high on Huggins and Martin did a very good job of expressing what makes Huggs a great coach.

This state loves Bob Huggins and his players love Bob Huggins. We are both very lucky to have him as our own.