Two Former Mountaineers Team Up to Shut Down the Broncos

Two Former Mountaineers Daryl Worley and Karl Joseph

Two former Mountaineers played a key role in stopping the Denver Broncos passing game as the Oakland Raiders won the season opener 24-16.

Karl Joseph and Daryl Worley did their part in holding the Denver Broncos offense to just six points through three quarters. Joe Flacco was able to get on track in the fourth quarter, but it was too late as the Raiders had already established a two touchdown lead.

Joseph led the team in tackles with seven, including a tackle for loss.

Worley did a great job of slowing down Emmanuel Sanders for much of the first half. After starting corner Gareon Conley went down, the Broncos did a great job of targeting his replacement.

The two former Mountaineers were among the leaders in snaps among the players on the Raiders defense.

Mountaineer fans were fired up to see the two team up again.

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It’s good to see these two Mountaineer greats uniting and helping their team get a win.

Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer!