Tonight’s WVU Men’s Basketball Alumni Game Has an Incredible Lineup

WVU Men's Basketball Alumni Game

The Men’s Basketball Alumni Game is back for its fifth year. It’s a great way for the players to give back to the fans and also for them to raise a great deal of money for charity. So far they have raised $25,000 for charity. This year, the chosen charity is Special Olympics West Virginia. The game is slated for 7 p.m. Saturday night.

“We’re hyped to be back,” said John Flowers, player and organizer of the event. “We want our fifth year to be the biggest, raising the most we ever have for our chosen charity. And, we want our fans to have the most fun.”

The game will once again be played at the Joe Retton Arena at Fairmont State University.

There will be some new elements featured this year. There will be some exclusive experience that fans will be able to purchase, with all of the money going to charity. There will be merchandise available at he event. It will also be available for pre-order online.

So who all will be playing in the game? Here is the list of players, provided by The players are subject to change:

Da’Sean Butler / Kevin Jones / John Flowers / Joe Alexander / Devin Williams / Jaysean Paige / Tarik Philip / Juwan Staten / Nate Adrian / Truck Bryant / Elijah Macon / Brandon Watkins / Esa Ahmad / Joe Mazzulla / Jarrod West / Brent Solheim / Josh Yeager / Darryl Prue / Marcus Goree / John Holton / James Long

If you are looking to purchase tickets, you can get a $5 discount if you purchase them at

This is a great job by John Flowers and the rest of the players getting back together and creating this awesome experience for fans. On top of that they will be raising a great deal of money for charity. It’s a great event on so many levels.

To stay up-to-date on the even, you can follow @WVUAlumniGame on Twitter and Facebook as well as @FinalFourcast on Twitter.

It’s a great opportunity to get out and see some Mountaineer stars from different generations.