The Teddy Allen Era Ends at Wichita State

The Teddy Allen Era Ends at Wichita State

Former WVU forward Teddy Allen has officially been dismissed from hte men’s basketball program at Wichita State, according to a tweet from Jon Rothstein.

After a very difficult 2018-2019 season where the Mountaineers really struggled to get “buckets,” many Mountaineer fans were wondering if Teddy Allen would have made a difference. Well, when you look at how things played out for Teddy in Wichita, it’s hard to argue whether or not Bob Huggins made the right decision with the talented but troubled player.

After transferring from West Virginia to Wichita State, Allen was forced to sit out the 2018-2019 season and would have had three seasons of eligibility left with the Shockers. Unfortunately he never even got on the court for Wichita State.

It will be interesting to see if Allen catches on at a Division II or III university in a “Last Chance U” type of situation. It’s obviously troubling that he was unable to stick at two different Division I programs, but he obviously has enough talent to be a difference maker at any level of college basketball. Guys like that tend to get plenty of chances to redeem themselves.

What’s really incredible is the fact that Mountaineer Sports has written three articles about Teddy Allen in the last few days. We can’t promise anything but the expectation is that there will not be a fourth article on Teddy Buckets in the near future.

In closing, let’s look back at the tribute that the great Delmus Burge wrote about Teddy Allen:

To start, Teddy Allen, the best pure scorer we’ve had in the  past decade (since Jerry West?) would be our starting shooting guard.  Players with that level of ability and creativity do not come along often, and when they do, their creativity should be celebrated.  Yes, he would often shoot terrible shots. He would have frustrating lapses in judgment. I would want to bench him and show him who the boss is around here and make him run on a damn treadmill.  He would be a disrespectful 18 year old. He would say things in the media that would piss me off. He would also average 15+ points per game. He would be the player that we would go to when we desperately need points.  Rather than relying on Esa Ahmad (so obviously miscast this season,) we would give it to Teddy, and he would give us a significantly better chance of scoring than anyone else. He would win us games.

Maybe if Delmus lands a coaching job Teddy Allen can catch on with his team.