The Mountaineer Sports Interview with Oscar Tshiebwe

The following is the full, un-cut interview with 5 star West Virginia commit Oscar Tshiebwe.  The full audio can be found below.  

Mountaineer Sports:  This is Brad with Mountaineer Sports and we have 5 star prospect, the first McDonald’s All-American to commit to WVU since Chris Brooks in 1986, Oscar Tshiebwe.  How are you, Oscar?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  I’m good, how are you?

Mountaineer Sports:  I’m good, thank you.  So when do you plan to get to Morgantown?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  I think June 20th.

Mountaineer Sports:  Are you excited to start college and get to work with the team?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Yes, sir.  I can’t wait.

Mountaineer Sports:  You’re obviously a dominant rebounder and are an incredible athlete.  What parts of your game do you think you need to work on the most?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Right now I think I need to work on my dribbling, jump shot…(inaudible).

Mountaineer Sports:  Is your ultimate goal to play in the NBA or do you hope to play at WVU for a few years?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  That is God’s plan.  Whatever God has planned for me is what I will follow.  I’m coming to West Virginia to play ball.  If it’s God’s plan for me to play 3, 2-3 years, that will be really good.  I’m going to come in and work and go from there.

Mountaineer Sports:  What are your goals at West Virginia next season as a Freshman?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  My goal next year is to get everyone to come together and play as a team and have everyone on the same page because if we work together and play together we’re going to have big things happen.  My goal is to get everyone to play together and work as a team.

Mountaineer Sports:  Did you follow the team closely last year?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Yes, sir.

Mountaineer Sports:  What do you think went wrong?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Last year, I watched some of the games, for me I say they didn’t do really bad.  At the beginning they struggled a little bit and then they finished really good.  Coach Huggins has some new players coming in next year that need to figure out how to play with each other.  That’s why I’m trying to get everyone to get together and play with each other.

Mountaineer Sports:  You mentioned Coach Huggins.  What’s your relationship like with Coach Huggs?   

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Coach Huggins, we have a really good relationship since I’ve been in the USA.  We talk a lot.  Right now we talk about me graduating and coming to WVU, but we talk a little sometimes.

Mountaineer Sports:  Do you have any family here in the United States?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Yes sir, I have my little brother.  He’s in West Virginia too.

Mountaineer Sports:  How often do you get to talk to your family back in Congo?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  We talk like 3 to 4 days a week.  I FaceTime my mom all of the time.

Mountaineer Sports:  Do you miss it back home?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Yes sir, my mom is actually going to come for my graduation and that’s a really good thing.

Mountaineer Sports:  Are you close to Sagaba Konate?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Yeah

Mountaineer Sports:  Do you hope that he returns to WVU next year?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  I hope, like if it comes back we’re going to be really good, unstoppable in the Big 12.  Whatever he decides to do, I talk to him sometimes, I talked to him yesterday, and I told him that whatever you think is best for you you’ve got to do it.  If he thinks it’s going to be good for him to come back, then we’re going to be unstoppable.  We’re going to do really big things, we’ll be unstoppable.  If he thinks he needs to go, whatever he decides, do what’s best for you is what I tell him.  He’s going to try the NBA Draft…is what he told me.

Mountaineer Sports:  Do you have a message for Mountaineer fans?

Oscar Tshiebwe:  Not really, but when I’m down in West Virginia I can tell there’s a lot of support.  The game at Morgantown High School went great.  I can tell a lot of people love me and a lot of people want to see me do great things next year.  They show me love and that’s a really great thing.

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