Should WVU stay with Neal Brown next season?

MORGANTOWN, WV—After a solid performance on the road against UCF, Neal Brown has the Mountaineers just one win away from being bowl eligible. WVU forced four turnovers and Garrett Greene ran for three touchdowns to get a huge win in Orlando. WVU is also predicted by ESPN to win 3 out of 4 to finish the season. Assuming WVU finishes 7-5 or 8-4, will the fans be happy if Neal Brown returns for another season?

You really cannot blame all the mistakes by a football team on the coaches. Is it the coach’s fault that WVU failed to knock down a hail mary throw in the endzone? Is it Neal Brown’s fault that our defense allowed Oklahoma State’s Ollie Gordon to put up 282 yards on us at home? Yes, they call the plays and plan the schemes but they are not on the field passing, running and defending. Mountaineer Sports is not saying there isn’t questionable coaching at times but to see fans wanting to constantly fire the coach doesn’t help the team. Let’s look at the big picture!

Here are a few reasons why firing Neal Brown may not be the best idea for  WVU Athletic Director Wren Baker at this time.

1) It would kill a recruiting class. There may be potential commitments that are coming because of Brown. 

2) A lot of current players would enter the portal that would hamper the team.

3). Brown is under contract until 2026. He will be owed 12.6 million, but Brown’s contract contains a clause that says that Brown will be paid in monthly installments through the duration of the contract. That’s $352,000 per month for 36 months.

4). If a new coach is hired it is very rare that they could have a ten win season instantly. Take a look at Nebraska over the past decade, or Virginia Tech since Frank Beamer retired.

5). The fan base will have to be very patient for at least three years or longer for the new coach to recruit and rebuild.

AD Wren Baker will no doubt have some very tough decisions to make if the Mountaineers don’t finish the season at least 6-6 or better.