Should Bob Huggins Resign?

Update: Coach Bob Huggins resigned after 16 seasons as the head coach at West Virginia University.

MORGANTOWN, WV—-According to sources West Virginia head basketball coach Bob Huggins was allegedly arrested on DUI charges in Pittsburgh Friday night. It is the second time the Hall of Fame coach has been charged with DUI. The previous charge was in 2004 at Cincinnati prompting his exit there.

WVU Athletic Director Wren Baker and University President Gordon Gee are faced with a tough decision.

Should Coach Huggins resign?

It’s not an ideal time for Huggins to resign or for WVU leaders to fire a coach in mid June. There may not be very many available coaches to take a new job. Baker could promote a coach from within the program quickly if Huggins resigns or is fired. 

Last month Huggins got in trouble for making a slur on a Cincinnati radio show which put the WVU coach on thin ice with Baker and Gee. Huggins is loved by many WVU fans all over the nation. When he’s not on the court he helped raise millions of dollars to build a cancer research facility in Morgantown. At any rate, the beloved coach needs help with his addiction. Let’s hope the Mountaineer nation encourages him to get the help he needs.