Rick Pitino Tweets His Six Most Difficult Arenas to Play

rick pitino toughest arenas to play

Recently, Rick Pitino joined Twitter. A bold move considering the amount of backlash he is sure to face. If you don’t believe me, do a quick scroll below one of his tweets.

In Pitino’s bold Twitter bio, he takes credit for being a two time national champion and being one of two coaches who took three different schools to the Final Four.

Say what you want about his past “experiences,” but the guy is a damn good follow on Twitter. He makes interesting posts that drive conversation. Nevermind the fact that a good portion of the conversation if people attacking him.

On Wednesday afternoon Pitino compiled a list of the most difficult arenas his teams have faced. It’s a very interesting list with a few surprises, but the Mountaineer fan base will be delighted to know that the Coliseum checks in at No. 6. Check out his tweet:

He should have just made it a top five and left off Grand Canyon. That would have brought a lot more credibility to his list.

Check out some of the triggered responses on Twitter:

How could Pitino forget when Mountaineer fans chanted the name of his mistress during a game?

Apparently Pitino is willing to let bygones be bygones and so on and so on. Since he posted the list today, we at Mountaineer Sports are willing to do the same. At least for today, anyway. Thanks, Rick!