POLL: If WVU Makes a Bowl Game Should Jarret Doege Play in It?

jarret doege bowl game

This is a widely discussed topic among Mountaineer Nation. If WVU makes a bowl game should Jarret Doege play in it and burn his redshirt, leaving him one year of eligibility remaining instead of two?

Many Mountaineers fans say, “Hey let’s wait until they actually win the next two games!”

Well, we are sports fans. And sports fans deal in hypotheticals. It’s so fun.

This four-game rule was not made for situations like this. It was more made for situations like Kelly Bryant last year at Clemson. When coach Dabo Swinney decided that Trevor Lawrence was his guy he was able to bench Bryant after four games, leaving him one more year of eligibility.

That said, this is an option that is available and Neal Brown needs to take advantage of it. And the way things have lined up it’s pretty obvious he has done that.

If Doege is able to come in and bring this team back from the dead, winning their final 3 games, wouldn’t it make sense to have him for two more years instead of one?


Or do you just keep the momentum going and have him try to lead the team to a win in a bowl game?


Should Jarret Doege Play in a Bowl Game?

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Things started looking up as soon as Jarret Doege took over at quarterback. It’s a very complex decision.

My opinion?

Let’s have this stud for two more seasons.

Also, let’s win these games before we get too worked up about this.