POLL: How Did You Watch the WVU vs Kansas Game? – VOTE

wvu vs kansas

Much was made about how the WVU vs Kansas game was going to be viewed by Mountaineer fans. Many people were unable to use ESPN+ due to a slow internet connection. Others just completely hate ESPN and don’t want to give them money. Some weren’t willing or were unable to cough up the $5. No matter the reason, the goal of this poll is to figure out if Mountaineer fans watched the game and if so, how did they watch it?

The poll will have four options. I am going to explain each option.

Option 1: ESPN+

This means you or the house you were at paid for a subscription to ESPN+ in order to view.

Option 2: Streamed it without ESPN+

This means you viewed it online without a subscription to ESPN+. There are many sites/apps out there that make this possible. No need to get into details.

Option 3: Listened on radio

Simple enough, right? Long live Tony Caridi.

Option 4: Said hell with it.

This means you didn’t watch it or listen to it at all.

POLL – How Did You Watch/Listen to WVU vs Kansas?

Click on the best option below:

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It will be interesting to see how the Mountaineer fans enjoyed the win over Kansas Saturday.