Pat White’s Nephew Following In His Uncle’s Footsteps

pat white

If you want to bring a smile to a Mountaineers fan, simply mention the name Pat White. He won four bowl games while he was the starting quarterback for the Mountaineers.

Pat brought his brother Coley to WVU. Now there’s another member of the White family member who has that incredible agility.

White took to Twitter to hype up his newphew on Monday.

You all better start offering him now. Nephew makes it look too easy. Three touches, three Td’s! #NextGen #whiteforheisman

Mountaineer fans definitely took notice of this tweet by their former quarterback. Check out some of the responses:

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Great stuff from Pat. It’s great he’s still so passionate about football. He’s a quarterback coach at Alcorn State and is still making time to catch nephew break ankles on the football field.