Pat McAfee Agrees It’s Time to #Retire5

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Pat White had an incredible four-year career at WVU. Of course any Mountaineer fan worth his or her salt know that to be true.

Now there’s a push by Mountaineer fans to retire Pat White’s number 5.

There have been four numbers retired in Mountaineer history: Jerry West’s No. 44 and Rod Hundley’s No. 33 in basketball and Ira Rodgers’ No. 21 and Sam Huff’s No. 75 in football.

Some would make the claim that if White’s number is retired, then why not Major Harris or Steve Slaton?

While those two were obviously great Mountaineers, they lack the achievements Pat White had. Pat White won four bowl games as a starting quarterback. He piled up great statistics and had an insane number of incredible runs and passes, but the four bowl wins really speaks to what Patrick was: a winner.

Former Mountaineer Pat McAfee has taken taken notice of the #Retire5 movement and even given it a nudge.

Pat White knows what kind of clout McAfee has and tweeted about it:

It’s great to see the mutual admiration these two have for each other. After hearing McAfee talk about how incredible White is any chance he gets, it’s great to see White show the admiration is mutual.

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Pat White is the GOAT when it comes to Mountaineer football. It’s time to pay him the proper respects. It’s time to #Retire5.