One Mountaineer Fan Ignited Milan Puskar Stadium When It Desperately Needed It

One Mountaineer Fan Ignited Milan Puskar Stadium , WVU fan Charles Hayes

The Mountaineers were able to get a spectacular comeback win on Saturday. There was something else magical besides the win on Saturday. This one Mountaineer fan ignited Milan Puskar Stadium when the team needed it badly.

Ka’Raun White hauled in a touchdown pass that was followed by a successful two-point conversion. After that the song ‘Hypnotize’ by Notorious BIG blasted over the PA system. Then the GEICO Dance Cam was able to track down this one Mountaineer fan who then lit the place on fire.

Who is that man? Charles Hayes, who became an instant social media sensation with his dance skills. The camera crew knew that a star was born after the first video. In the fourth quarter when David Sills hauled in his third TD catch of the day, the star resurfaced when he was found getting down to DMX ‘Party Up.’ The crowd went nuts when they got to see their man again.

It hurts to say it, but Milan Puskar has been lacking in intensity this season. Some of this can be blamed on the ads that are played on the scoreboard. Cam Huffman pointed that out on Twitter.

Good job by the production crew at the game getting the fans involved. Hopefully they can keep things up and have the place rocking when the Oklahoma State Cowboys come to town. And more importantly, hopefully Charles Hayes is there to do his part and make sure the place is going nuts.