Oklahoma Lands Jalen Hurts, Blocks Austin Kendall From WVU

Blocks Austin Kendall, Lincoln Riley

Even with incoming five-star quarterback Spencer Rattler and two-time national champion Jalen Hurts on the roster, Lincoln Riley still blocks Austin Kendall from transferring to WVU. By blocking Kendall, that prevents him from being eligible for the 2019 season and gives him one year of eligibility remaining instead of one. Riley is able to do this because West Virginia and Oklahoma are both in the Big 12.

Many assumed that once Hurts committed to Oklahoma that would result in Oklahoma allowing Kendall to transfer where he desires. Instead, they are still blocking Kendall. This is despite the past two Oklahoma quarterbacks transferring and becoming Heisman winners.

Judging by his Twitter behavior, Riley is very sensitive about the subject. When called out by Clay Travis, he immediately blocked him. The outspoken Travis did not hesitate to put him on blast.

In the past few hours Riley has been repeatedly lit up on Twitter. Not just by West Virginia fans and media. It’s pretty unanimous that Riley should do the right thing and allow Kendall to transfer where he wishes.

On top of the Hurts/Kendall saga, there is more when it comes to incoming Sooner five-star quarterback Spencer Rattler. When there were rumors that Justin Fields of Georgia could be headed to Norman, Riley assured him they weren’t adding anymore quarterbacks, including transfers. Apparently things have changed in the last couple weeks.

Despite this, Rattler has said all the right things and said it will be great competition with Hurts on campus, despite Riley breaking his promise.

West Virginia fans are up in arms over the situation.



Stewart Mandel maintains that Mountaineer fans still have reason to believe that the situation will end in their favor.

It’s been a very interesting day in college football in the middle of January. Time will tell if Oklahoma holds onto their block and forces Kendall to go elsewhere. One positive is this probably makes Kendall to go to West Virginia even more where he can get revenge on the Sooners for this fiasco.