Neal Brown Knows How to Represent West Virginia

neal brown respresent west virginia

New WVU football head coach Neal Brown has shown time and time again he knows how to represent West Virginia. It’s early, but at this point in his tenure, Mountaineer fans are proud to call him one of their own. This is very unlike how some people felt about a certain head coach that preceded him.

For example, Neal Brown gave a WVU football history lesson on national television while he was appearing on the Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Network.

Brown was asked about WVU football being a tough job. His response was great. Rome led into the question by mentioning how this team has been close to a national championship three times.

“88, 93 and 2007 either played for a national championship or was within a game of a national championship,” Brown responded.

“People look at us like an outlier in the Big 12. It is, there is some difficulty when you’re traveling. Less in football, more so in probably basketball and some of the Olympic sports because you’re only traveling four and five times a year.

“We’re really not recruiting against anyone we play in our league.”

“There’s a lot of tradition here. There’s been teams on the brink of a national championship. At the end of the day that’s where we want to take this program,” Brown concluded.

Awesome stuff from WVU football’s head coach. Check it out:

Neal Brown on the Jim Rome Show

Shout out to the Smoking Musket for uncovering this bit.

With the season about to kick off, the state of West Virginia is fired up about football. That’s nothing new, but the crowd might have a little extra pep when Neal Brown leads the charge out the tunnel.