Neal Brown Gives His Thoughts on ‘Horns Down’

horns down

Well, it’s officially Texas week. If you follow any of the WVU football groups on social media then you know the “Horns Down” is all the rage among Mountaineer fans.

Back in 2012 Geno Smith flashed the “Horns Down” while leading the Mountaineers to a victory over the Longhorns. That upset Mack Brown, who was the Texas coach at the time.

“The horns down is disrespectful,” Brown said at the time. “We ought to talk about that as a league.”

Another signature “Horns Down” moment came when Will Grier took the two-point conversion in and flashed the sign after sealing a Mountaineer win in Austin.

Of course Tom Herman was triggered by it. West Virginia received penalties every time they did it. In the end it all worked out as the Mountaineers were still able to secure the victory.

In the build up for the West Virginia vs Texas, head coach Neal Brown was asked for his thoughts on the “Horns Down” symbol. His response was right on the money:

“That’s much ado about nothing. We respect everybody we play. We’re not going to be disrespectful. That’s something we’re not going to spend much time on.”

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Things are different in Morgantown with Neal Brown leading the way. Don’t look for any “Horns Down” signs from the Mountaineers. If they do look for them to get a tongue lashing from the Mountaineer leader.

Just one example of how much things have changed since the new regime took over the WVU football program.