Neal Brown Continues To Make All the Right Moves

Neal Brown continues to make all of the right moves.  The decision to start Austin Kendall in the team’s opening game against James Madison was the safest, most logical choice for him to make.  Although the sexy choice would have been Trey Lowe and Jarrett Doege would have been the most intriguing choice and Jack Allison would have been the most shocking choice, Austin Kendall was ultimately the right choice.

According to Brown, Kendall has earned it.  “Austin Kendall has won our starting quarterback job.”  Brown went on to say, “We tracked everything from Spring practice through Fall camp.  Decision-making, completion percentage, number of turnovers, scoring drives and it was clear after Friday night’s scrimmage in the stadium that he earned it.”


Anyone that thinks that Kendall was given the job is wrong.  Kendall was not brought to Morgantown by Brown to be handed the starting quarterback position.  Brown was clear, Kendall had to compete for the job and he earned it.  Brown is a man of integrity and would not simply give a player a starting role out of convenience or because a certain player appeared to be the right choice.

Starting roles are earned on the field and in the locker room.  Brown mentioned that he was most proud of Kendall’s ability to win over his teammates since joining the team.  It is very difficult for a new player on a roster to accomplish this so quickly and Kendall has already become a real leader for the Mountaineers.  He leads by example and is truly ready to take over as West Virginia’s coach and leader on the field.

It would have been very easy for Brown to get caught up in the speculation from the media and fans.  I was one of many West Virginians that would have chosen the sexiest choice, Trey Lowe.  Lowe would have given – and one day will give –  the team different options than any of the rest of the quarterbacks on the roster, but ultimately Brown was the only person that could make the right choice. He could have rushed his decision, but he instead remained steadfast and waited for the appropriate time when he was fully decided on who was best for the job.

Neal Brown continues to impress as the Head Coach of the Mountaineers.  He’s patient, professional and has put the football program in position to be successful for many years to come.   For West Virginians, it’s a welcome relief to have a coach that we can fully trust to make the right decision every time on and off the field.