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Mountaineers Preach Power of Positive Thinking

Mountaineers Preach Power of Positive Thinking

The Mountaineers are so close to getting things together. Just a few more things need to click and they can get the season back on track.
Check it out:

Dana Holgorsen has his entire team looking in the mirror to find answers to improve after an embarrassing blowout loss to Maryland. His message to determine what everyone can do individually to improve starts at the top with the head coach.

“I have to change my mentality, if they are going to change their mentality,” Holgorsen said in his Tuesday press conference. “I’m going to expect good things to happen, I’m going to be excited about going to practice.”

It sounds a bit like the power of positive thinking, or maybe something out of a Stuart Smalley bit. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me.

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