Mountaineer Mascot Will Return Nov. 11, Issues Statement

Mountaineer Mascot Will Return Nov. 11

Troy Clemons, the Mountaineer mascot, will return November 11 when the Mountaineers take on the Kansas State Wildcats. He will have missed two games total.

Clemons was suspended prior to last week’s Oklahoma State game and according to the release he will sit out one more game.

Backup mascot Trevor Kiess will fill in as the Mountaineer when the Iowa State Cyclones are in town.

Backup Mountaineer Mascot Trevor Kiess

Give Clemons credit as he has taken full accountability for his mistake and has issued this statement regarding the issue:

“I want to apologize to everyone impacted by the events that transpired Oct. 27, 2017. I am deeply disheartened by my decision and regret letting down West Virginia University, my family, friends, colleagues and myself. I will not let this mistake define me and I will embrace every opportunity to right my wrongs and help others, along with myself, learn from the incident. This is not something that I intend to forget about, rather use it as a tool for betterment. I am sincerely sorry to everyone who has been impacted and appreciate the support I’ve received since last Friday morning. I look forward to continuing to be involved with the state and the university that I love.”

The statement the university made makes it clear that Clemons’ status as the team mascot is “dependent on the outcome of any student conduct and legal proceedings stemming from the [DUI] arrest.” The university also made it very clear that moving forward there will be a “zero tolerance” for another alcohol-related incident or arrest.

We look forward to Troy putting this unfortunate incident behind him and learning from it. Let’s go Mountaineers!