Marcus Simms Doesn’t Owe You, WVU or the State of West Virginia Anything.

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When Marcus Simms announced to the world on Twitter “On to Another Chapter” followed by devil face and a zipped up mouth emojis, West Virginians across the state had a wide array of feelings and opinions.

Some wished him luck, some were indifferent and many were angered.  “How could Marcus Simms do this to us?  How could he leave all of his loyal fans and a university that has been so good to him?”  Look, it’s shocking that more student athletes don’t do what Marcus Simms has done.  Marcus Simms doesn’t owe you, WVU or the state of West Virginia anything.  He should of course do what is best for him.  If that means entering the transfer portal and going through the recruitment process again, great.  Being wined and dined by some of the most elite football programs prior to his Senior year will be an amazing experience for him and could ultimately be what’s best for his future.

Playing another year at West Virginia in a new offense and with a new offensive coordinator is questionable at best for his future.  Simms could improve his draft stock in an established, high-powered offense next year somewhere else and that should be his only goal.  Perhaps his draft stock has nothing to do with it, but whatever his reason, whatever he decides to do, it’s absolutely ridiculous to question his motives.  Universities only care about one thing and student athletes should not be disparaged for being motivated by the very same thing: MONEY.

Simms’ former teammates universally supported his decision on Twitter:

It goes on and on and on.  Student athletes get it.  As much as we want it to be about the university or the state or about us, it is and should only be about the student athletes’ futures.  Simms not explaining why he’s transferring is the right move because he doesn’t owe any of us anything — not even an explanation.

Marcus, thank you for all that you did for the Mountaineer football program, you have an amazing future in front of you and really, true West Virginia fans will be cheering you on wherever you go.