March Madness Selection Committee Releases Bracket Rankings

March Madness Selection Committee Releases Bracket Rankings

For the second year, first time this season, the March Madness selection committee releases it’s top 16 teams. Guess who’s in there that doesn’t belong? Hint: There’s a player on the team you are probably tired of. Hang onto that thought. More on it later.

With the recent slide, it’s understandable that the West Virginia Mountaineers were not in the top 16. The Mountaineers just suffered a home loss to Oklahoma State and fell to 18-7 overall and 7-5 in the Big 12.

But you know who else lost yesterday? ESPN golden child Trey Young and the Oklahoma Sooners. The lost puts them at 16-8. They have lost three games in a row and six out of eight. Additional to that they have lost to West Virginia two times, has a worse conference record, worse overall record and not as good wins. Remember, this is not a case for West Virginia to be in the top 16, but a case that there is absolutely no chance Oklahoma should be in there. But guess what? They are in there!

March Madness Selection Committee Top 16

Call me crazy, but when the NCAA is controlled by money, you can’t rule out any crazy conspiracies. They want to get Trae Young as high of a seeding as possible. The higher their seed, the better the chance the Sooners makes a deep run in March. Even better, this allows the hosts of the March Madness selection committee preview show to talk about Trae Young. All Big 12 fans know that there is nothing the NCAA and ESPN want more than to jam Trae Young down our throats deep into March

Moving on to the rest of the top 16. Virginia is No. 1 overall despite a loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday. Villanova is No. 2. They also suffered a loss earlier this week against St. John’s at home. Xavier slides in as the No. 3 team followed by Purdue and Auburn. What a year for the Tide thus far. Who saw this coming?

It was an interesting week to choose the seeding due to all of the losses in the top five. Purdue suffered two losses giving the top three teams in the AP Top 25 all losses this week.

As far as the Big 12 goes, Kansas is a No. 2 seed and No. 6 overall. Texas Tech is a No. 3 seed and No. 10 overall. A great case could be made that Texas Tech should be higher than Kansas. Then as stated earlier, the fighting Trae Youngs are convinently penciled in as the No. 16 overall team and a No. 4 seed. If there’s one sure thing for this season, it’s that the NCAA and ESPN simply cannot get enough Trae Young. If the Sooners weren’t in the rankings that would make it much more difficult for them to talk about Trae Young. So they got him in there!

March Madness Selection Committee Sweet 16 Projection

If the Mountaineers can string some wins together they could easily make a push into the top 16. If this show was just a couple weeks earlier, West Virginia would have undoubtedly made this list.

Step one in getting back closer to the top of this list starts Monday night at 9 p.m. EST on ESPN2 when the West Virginia Mountaineers host TCU.