Joel Klatt: NFL People Are Higher on Will Grier Than the People Writing About the Draft

Joel Klatt on Will Grier

There is a very wide variance when it comes to when WVU quarterback Will Grier will be drafted. Why is that? According to Joel Klatt, if you talk to people within the NFL, it is obvious they are much higher on the Mountaineer quarterback than those who are writing about the draft.

Time and time again New England has been cited as a potential landing spot for Grier. It’s very hard to nail down which team will take a player as needs and availability shifts with very pick in the draft.

Here are where some of the experts have Grier ranked:

ESPN – No. 8 QB

CBS Sports – No. 6 QB – No. 7 QB

Most experts believe that Grier will need a year or two learning under a veteran signal caller and would not be ready to step in right away. That’s why him going to New England is such a natural fit.

There are many advanced metrics where Grier stacks up against the best quarterbacks in the draft. One of those is the percentage of uncatchable passes in balls thrown up to 20 yards.

All Pro Analytics also projects Grier to go much higher than many of the so-called “draft experts.”

Alex Kirshner of SB Nation says there are some highly predictive college stats that indicate Grier is clearly the No. 3 quarterback in this draft class after Murray and Haskins.

After all of the predictions and projections it will be interesting to see where Will Grier lands. Despite the wide variance in the projections, it is very likely that Grier and his agent have a good of idea of when he expects to be drafted.

Good luck to Will Grier wherever he lands!