Jalen Bridges: ‘I Looked at Myself in the Mirror with the Jersey on and I Just Knew’

Jalen Bridges

The last few months have been a wild ride for Jalen Bridges. Just days ago he committed to West Virginia. It was destiny for the native West Virginian.

Jalen got to be a part of the interview that every young boy from West Virginia dreams of while growing up when he appeared on the Sportsline and got to speak with the legend Tony Caridi.

At the beginning Caridi paid him the ultimate compliment.

“You look really good in the gold and blue. Those are your colors,” Caridi said.

The proud Fairmont native responded, “That’s what I thought. I looked at myself in the mirror with the jersey on and I just knew.”

Jalen Bridges on the Sportsline

What a ride it’s been for the Fairmont Senior Polar Bear. Back in May Bridges decided he was going to Scotland Campus for a year of prep school. At that point he had reclassified to the class of 2020.


At that point he claimed his recruitment was still open. Mountaineer fans were confident and hopeful, but Jalen was adamant about it.


From there, Bridges did what kids who are being recruited normally do. He took it down to a top ten. From there he moved it to a top five. Of course, West Virginia was in both. Many Mountaineer fans breathed a sigh of relief when Bridges left Pitt out of his top five.

On August 27, Bridges announced that he will be committing on Halloween.


We’re not sure what happened in the following days, but less than a week later Jalen Bridges came out of nowhere to commit to West Virginia on Twitter.  No more prep school. No more waiting until Halloween commit. Jalen Bridges is a Mountaineer and is ready to tell the world.


Not only did he commit, but he is enrolled at West Virginia and is going to play in the upcoming season.

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