Huggy Bear Gave the Surprise of a Lifetime to a Local Elementary School

Huggy Bear

White Hall Elementary School teacher Lucinda Gouzd thought it was just another day teaching first grade. Until Huggy Bear gave the surprise of a lifetime to the classroom.

Bob Huggins popped into Gouzd’s first grade classroom loaded with boxes of supplies for her class, all provided by Walmart.

“I got a call from some people, and I said ‘Can you send me what it’s about?’,” Huggins said, according to WVNews. “I thought ‘What a great thing for our school system in West Virginia.’ We do a lot of things in the schools with our guys, but being able to bring in some much-needed supplies to the classrooms in the state is terrific.”

Gouzd had no idea this was coming. She was deleted to see Bob Huggins along with Walmart employees bringing in basketballs, tablets, printer ink and other school supplies.

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It’s great when the media covers things like this and we get to see the soft side of Bob Huggins. This is a story these teachers and kids will be telling for the rest of their lives.