Huggins is Still Running the Program

Huggins Surprised By WVU's No. 10 National Ranking

MORGANTOWN,WV–  Bob Huggins’ influence runs deep when you start pondering what he has done over his sixteen years as the Mountaineer head coach. He led the team to 345 wins and took WVU to its first final Four since  the Jerry West days in 1959. Fans around the state are wondering what is next for the team now that he has resigned.

In a sense Huggins is still running the program. How may you ask? Just look at the 2023-24 coaching staff that was just announced:

Josh Eilert is the new interim head coach. Eilert has been with Huggins the last 17 years. I would think Eilert would likely coach like his former boss. Now let’s take a look at the assistant coaches:

DaSean Butler, DaMar Johnson, Alex Ruoff and Jordan McCabe. These assistants are hungry and chomping at the bit to make sure WVU is playing like their old boss would expect!

Ron Everhart, a West Virginia native from Fairmont, is the Director of Community Relations and Player Outreach. Jay Kuntz, Director of Player personnel and recruiting and finally Trent Michaels, Director of Men’s Basketball Operations.

Also just announced, Jesse Edwards isn’t going anywhere. I am going to predict a great season for the Men’s basketball team. Who knows, maybe the team will be hungry to win it all for their former boss. We will find out next April!