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How much is Randy Mazey worth?

How much is WVU Head Coach Randy Mazey worth?

How much is Randy Mazey worth?

If West Virginia University loves their coach and wants to keep him, they will pay him.  Bob Huggins is in the top ten in the country in salary for college basketball coaches.  Fifth, actually.  As one of the most accomplished coaches in the history of the sport, he certainly deserves his $3.75 million annual salary and $640,000 in max bonuses.

Neal Brown’s approximately 3.2 million per year salary is very much in line with others in the Big 12 and with his level of experience.  If he’s successful, when he’s successful, you better believe that West Virginia University will pay to keep him.

This brings us to WVU Baseball Head Coach Randy Mazey.  Mazey, who has led the Mountaineers to unprecedented success and excitement surrounding the program, has an incentive-laden contract that pays him approximately $385,000 a year before incentives, which puts him near the bottom of the Big 12 Conference.

According to the DA Online, the incentives include:

500 season tickets sold $2,000
750 season tickets sold $3,000
1,000 season tickets sold $4,000
NCAA APR above 930 $4,000
1,500 season tickets sold $5,000
Big 12 Tournament appearance $5,000
Big 12 Coach of the Year $25,000
NCAA Tournament appearance $25,000
Top 25 finish in USA Today or AP Polls $25,000
Big 12 regular season title $30,000
Big 12 Tournament title $30,000
NCAA Super Regional appearance $50,000
Top 10 finish in USA Today or AP Polls $50,000
National Coach of the Year $50,000
College World Series appearance $75,000
National Championship $100,000

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As the Big South’s Coach of the Year in 2019, he will be awarded a $25,000 bonus.  In addition, he will get $25,000 bonuses for an NCAA Tournament appearance and for finishing in the T0p 25 in USA Today or AP Polls.  The Big 12 Tournament appearance will grant him an additional $5,000.  Without figuring out exactly how much he’ll get paid this year, it will be approximately $450,000 – $500,000 after all of the incentives are added up.

To compare, Florida’s Head Coach Kevin O’Sullivan, one of the highest paid coaches in country, earns $1.25 million per year and was given a $500,000 signing bonus back in 2016.

Finishing as the runner-up in the Big 12 Tournament, hosting a regional in the NCAA Tournament and bringing a level of excitement to the program that we’ve not seen before in Morgantown, Mazey is certainly due for a raise.

Randy Mazey will be a wanted man by other schools looking for someone to come in and turn their baseball programs around.  To ensure that West Virginia keeps the man that has turned their program around and is the right man to lead the baseball program into the next several years, a bold contract offer of $750,000 per year should be extended to him.  This is fair, reasonable, and likely more than enough to keep Mazey in Morgantown for the rest of his coaching career.

Brad Smith is a Senior Writer for Mountaineer Sports. Smith is among the most influential sports writers in the state of West Virginia and is a proud West Virginia University Graduate. Smith lives with his beautiful wife and children in Morgantown.

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