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Holgorsen lays the blame at his feet

Holgorsen lays the blame at his feet

Recruits will want to hear Holgorsen with leadership statements like this.
Check it out:

“The Texas game beat us twice,” Holgorsen said with a grimace at his weekly Tuesday news conference. “I talked about it not happening, and it did.

“Why? You guys can keep pointing the finger at me. That’s what my job is. We didn’t reach [the players], we didn’t get them back, and that’s on me — I don’t mind saying it.”

Holgorsen echoed his offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson and defensive coordinator Keith Patterson, saying that the Mountaineers, for the first time this season, simply didn’t play with enough effort to win.

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“There have been losses I’ve was comfortable with as long as it doesn’t have to do with effort,” Holgorsen said. “If we lose because of effort, that’s where I get in a bad spot. And I saw that for the first time on Saturday.

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