Gary Browne Guided By Faith

Great to see Gary growing in many ways and giving credit where it is due.
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If you keep an eye on Gary Browne this year, you may notice something a little different about his game.

It is evident in the way he plays basketball – his shots, his passes, his defense – but also in the mentality he carries with him each and every day. When the junior guard checks into a game, or when he hits a shot or even sometimes on a particularly nifty assist, he points to the sky.

Browne is pointing to the source of his abilities and his newfound motivation in year three with the West Virginia University men’s basketball team. It is a sign of his faith and his belief that without God, none of what he has been granted would be possible.

“The reason why I point up is just like I’m happy that I’m back on the court and I’m happy that I have two more years left,” said Browne. “I’m happy that God gave me another chance to play basketball. That’s why I thank him every time I point upstairs, that he gave me another chance to be here.”