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ESPN Colllege GameDay's Best Signs For Week 2, Baker Mayfield sucks, Lincoln Riley bidet


ESPN Colllege GameDay’s Best Signs For Week 2

ESPN Colllege GameDay’s Best Signs For Week 2

This week presents a special opportunity as these signs will be targeting Baker Mayfield along with the Sooners and Buckeyes, who I can’t name one good thing about. Here are ESPN College GameDay’s best signs for week 2.

Who doesn’t love taking a shot at Oklahoma’s lack of success in the NCAA playoffs? Count this guy in.

It’s fun to take shots at the rule-breaking Buckeyes. This guy has the right idea.

A tough dosage of reality for analyst and former all-world Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

At least he tried.

You gotta love this one.

These fans use the format made popular by Hunter Pence.

Now it’s getting serious.

And the grand finale, my personal favorite.


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