Dana Holgorsen Putting Together All-Time Great WVU Recruiting Class

Dana Holgorsen Putting Together All-Time Great WVU Recruiting Class

Recruiting is what separates the men from the men from the boys in college football. Gameplanning, schemes, and managing the game are all very important, but if you can’t recruit then you can’t get to the next level. Since arriving at West Virginia, West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen has averaged in the mid-30s for his recruiting rankings from Rivals and 247Sports. Last year Holgorsen’s recruiting class was ranked in the 50’s. Some attribute that to his contract extension getting delayed until later in the season. It was the worst recruiting class of the Holgorsen era.

This year things have turned around. According to Rivals.com, this could be the greatest recruiting class in WVU history.

WVU Recruiting Class Rankings

Year Rivals.com 247Sports.com
2002 36th 50th
2003 46th 54th
2004 47th 38th
2005 31st 37th
2006 53rd 60th
2007 23rd 24th
2008 42nd 49th
2009 27th 24th
2010 27th 32nd
2011 47th 52nd
2012 48th 35th
2013 25th 30th
2014 45th 39th
2015 33rd 35th
2016 38th 39th
2017 51st 57th
2018 16th 25th

Unfortunately even though top recruits are coming in, they are no sure thing. We’ve all heard the names William Crest, Tyrek Cole, and Jovon Durante. It also may have been a while since you’ve heard these names.

These classes forced West Virginia to rely on JUCO transfers. While these are helpful in building a program, in order to get to the top you need production out of your 4-5 year college players.

The 2018 class includes four star players Dante Stills and Kwantel Raines, who have a great chance of coming in and immediately become impact players on defense. Also Holgorsen was able to land bigger offensive lineman with Oyenmwen Uzebu and Blaine Scott. Also he was able to land a massive nose tackle in James Gmitmer who can clog up the middle in the 3-3-5 at over 300 pounds.

Last year’s 10-win season helped West Virginia get this class. With Will Grier and most of the offense coming back, the Mountaineers have a chance to put together another 10-win season and help land the type of talent in the 2020 class that can take the Mountaineers to the next level and contend for Big 12 titles.