Dana Holgorsen News Conference

The road hasn’t been kind to WVU so far this year. Hopefully Dana can get the ship back on course and get the Mountaineers bowl bound.
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If you remember last year when I was talking about Kansas State, they 3
were top two or three in the country at that point in time. They are 2-4 at this point this year. A lot of the things I say about them this year is going to be the same things I said about them last year.

It starts with (Kansas State coach) Bill Snyder and the job he has done as a head coach and the program he has built over his 22 years he has been there. I know he was gone for a few years, but he got it right back on track with their record and what it has been over the last couple of years. He is a tremendous football coach that has done a lot of things for our profession. He does a lot of things for his kids, like building character, being a disciplined football team on all three sides of the ball and getting kids to play with tremendous effort.

There is a little different of a vibe with them this year because we have to go there to play as opposed to them coming here. They played a phenomenal football game when they came here last year, and they finished the year very strong. I have been to Kansas State several times, and they have built that up from nothing to what you see there today. It is a heck of a place to play a college football game. There is going to be 53,000 people there – they are loud and they are rowdy. Their student section is great, which is right behind our bench. It is a challenging place to go play. All venues in the Big 12 are challenging places to go play. It will be a tremendous challenge for our football team.