Breaking Madden: Pat McAfee, Destroyer of Worlds

Not really a news story, but this is pretty funny. They take Pat McAfee and make him 100% of the offense. You can see the fun that happens.
Check it out:

This season, Colts punter Pat McAfee has emerged as a cult hero. In this episode of Breaking Madden, we push his ratings as high as they can go, and find out whether a punter can win a game all by himself.

Mr. McAfee is the subject of this week’s BREAKING MADDEN for two primary reasons, both of which were previously documented in THIS WEEK IN GIFs. For most punters, a mis-handled snap spells absolute doom, but McAfee collected the ball, scrambled to elude a tackler, and managed to pull off a stellar punt while on the run.


Love this real hit:patBOOM