Bob Huggins Locks Horns With Andy Katz

bob huggins andy katz

Basketball season is on the way and you know what that means. Time for everyone and their brother to start throwing out predictions.

Among those who made their predictions was Andy Katz. Let’s just say he did not give a favorable projection for the Mountaineers. He predicted that West Virginia will finish in dead last.

After he made the prediction he backtracked a little and left himself some outs. He said he can’t imagine a Bob Huggins team finishing dead last.

“West Virginia. I’m sorry. I can’t see Bob Huggins finishing at the bottom. I had to pick someone down there. But Huggs has a chance to elevate this squad.”

Well, maybe he can’t see Bob Huggins finishing at the bottom, but he did pick them to finish dead last. Pick a side, Andy.

None other than Bob Huggins himself caught this preview of the Big 12. He delivered a reply as only he can.

Bob Huggins Takes on Andy Katz

“And Andy you are paid to be an expert….yikes #overpaid #weshallsee”

Coach Huggs even threw in the old self retweet to add emphasis. A savvy, veteran move.

When you look at how last season went, it’s understandable why Andy Katz projected West Virginia last place. It’s where they finished last year. Midway through the season Huggs turned over the roster and had the young players get loads of extra minutes. Then when you factor in the arrival of Oscar Tshiebwe, Miles McBride, Sean McNeil and Taz Sherman, fans are excited to watch Huggins “Make WVU Basketball Great Again.”

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It’s going to be fun to watch this team grow. Despite coming off of an extremely tough season there is definitely a buzz in Morgantown about this young Mountaineer team.