Bob Huggins is Making WVU Hoops Great Again..One Hat at a Time

make wvu hoops great again

Mountaineer basketball had its fair share of struggles last season, but this season is going to be different. Bob Huggins has been rocking a “Make WVU Hoops Great Again” hat around. WVU fans know he is going to do just that.

And now these hats are on sale. Huggs took to Twitter with information on how fans can get one.

Huggins tweeted:

There’s been a ton of questions about the hat I have been wearing around. Here’s the link to purchase your very own and help out the Norma Mae Cancer Endowment.

So this is a great opportunity for Mountaineer fans to not only support their team, but also help Bob Huggins in his passionate fight against cancer.

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Huggs is delivering on what this hat asks. In the upcoming season, WVU Basketball will be great again.