Bob Huggins Goes Straight Savage-Mode on Jay Bilas

There’s nothing Jay Bilas loves more than to get on his soap box and cry and complain about different social issues related to collegiate athletics. His favorite topic to go in on is that he believes college athletes should be paid. He goes to war on Twitter about this topic on a regular basis.

NCAA Basketball legends Bob Huggins and Jay Bilas collided on Twitter Thursday morning with regards to this issue.

The WVU Basketball Twitter account tweeted a video that shows off some of the new upgrades that the program has made this summer. It featured Mountaineer star Jordan McCabe showing off all of the upgrades.

Check it out:

Jay Bilas took notice of the video. He used this as an opportunity to get on his soap box and preach about a “level playing field.” Check out his tweet:

When Bob Huggins saw this tweet, he responded in classic Huggs fashion. You can almost hear him saying this to Jay while staring at him and giving it to him with his classic deadpan delivery.


The responses to Coach Huggins’ tweet were loaded with proud Mountaineers who had their guy’s back.

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It’s funny how Bilas targeted WVU, of all places, for a tweet like this. Obviously he’s not going after Duke since that’s where he went to college, but what about a place like Arizona, where massive controversy is brewing?