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How to Watch Best Virginia in TBT


Best Virginia Halftime Observations

Best Virginia Halftime Observations

  • Jaysean Paige and Kevin Jones have not lost a step.  They are going to be extremely tough to stop during The Basketball Tournament.  Most of the players appear to be in the same physical condition or better than they were college with the exception of Darryl “Truck” Bryant, but he can still get up and down the court.
  • John Flowers has really grown as a player since graduating from WVU.
  • Juwan Staten got away with dropping a few profanities on camera: “Every pass, rip that shit!  Every time, rip that shit!”
  • Nathan Adrian is such an intelligent, wily player.  Awesome addition off the bench.
  • Paige should definitely get a look in the NBA.  He’s such a pure scorer and his high-arching shots are impossible to defend.  13 points at the half.
  • Great overall coverage by ESPN 3.

Brad Smith is a Senior Writer for Mountaineer Sports. Smith is among the most influential sports writers in the state of West Virginia and is a proud West Virginia University Graduate. Smith lives with his beautiful wife and children in Morgantown.

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