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Baylor guard hard to miss on, off the field

Baylor guard hard to miss on, off the field

Let’s hope the Mountaineers defense can keep them on the sidelines.
Check it out:

There are plenty of things that make Cyril Richardson stand out, not the least of which is, well, the way he stands – tall and wide.

Baylor’s All-America left guard is 6-foot-5 and 340 pounds.

Oddly enough, though, size is sometimes not the first thing people notice about Richardson. He hasn’t cut his dreadlocked hair in six years.

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“I hate getting haircuts. I always have hated it,” Richardson said. “And so when my dad finally allowed me to grow my hair out I just did it. And I’ve always loved it.”

It certainly makes Richardson noticeable. In the world of offensive linemen, his size isn’t actually all that rare. In fact, West Virginia’s player at the same position, Quinton Spain, is 6-5 and 335.

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